One of the main reasons to own a truck like the Ram 1500 is the ability to haul items in the truck bed. The Ram 1500 models at Dean Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Bainbridge, GA provide you with options that you need for hauling the items that you want to haul.

A Strong Bed Construction

In order to have a significant payload capacity, the truck bed must be made of strong and solid materials. The Ram 1500 has a truck bed frame that is made from high-strength steel. This is one of the reasons that the Ram 1500 has a payload capacity of 2300 pounds.

Multi-Function Tailgate

The Ram 1500 offers a feature called the multi-function tailgate. This tailgate has a 60/40 split that allows the tailgate to swing out to the sides. This provides you with significant convenience. You can get right up next to the bed to reach items that you want to take out of the bed, and it puts you in a great position for loading items. This split tailgate also allows you to open up the tailgate when the Ram 1500 is hooked up to a boat or a trailer.

Rambox Cargo Management System

The Ram 1500's bed features the Rambox Cargo Management System that consists of two integrated storage areas within both side of the Ram 1500's bed. These boxes allow you to store your valuable tools out of sight. The boxes are both able to be locked, so you will have the assurance that your valuable items will not be stolen. The two boxes also feature LED lighting allowing you to easily find items after dark. If like to go camping or tailgating, these two boxes both have drains allowing you to fill them with ice and use them as coolers.

The Ram 1500 is a superior truck for many reasons. Among those reasons are the many features that are part of the Ram 1500's truck bed. You can check out these features and test drive the Ram 1500 at Dean Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

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