What are your plans for the Summer? Do they include hitting the road in your Jeep Wrangler? If not, start making plans by visiting Dean Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, in Bainbridge, GA. No other SUV is more prepared to enhance your Summer, than the Jeep Wrangler.

Dean Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram has put together a list of ways to get the most out of your Jeep Wrangler. So, without further delay, here are the top 5 ways to enjoy your Summer in a Jeep Wrangler.

  1. Take the Family Camping at Seminole State Park: The Summer is a great time to explore the outdoors. Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, GA is loaded with great things to do to get everyone out in nature. Bring the cooler and pack up your gear for a weekend near the lake. Because the Wrangler can tow up to 3,500 pounds, you can hook up the fishing boat and throw in a line. Don't forget to bring your beach gear.
  2. Haul the Dirt Bikes to Millsaps Training Facility: Millsaps Training Facility in Cairo, GA is home to some premier off-road fun. Four challenging tracks let you test out your riding skills and compete against others with a passion for getting dirty.
  3. Take the top off your Wrangler: It won't be Summer without taking off the top and driving through Thomasville. The Jeep Wrangler is the only SUV that lets you feel the warm Georgia air, by letting you remove the hard or soft top cover. Don't forget about the detachable doors. But that is probably why you bought a Jeep in the first place. Open up your Jeep as you explore the history and nature of Thomasville, GA.
  4. Test out the off-road ability: What fun is a Jeep if you don't get to put it to the test? You need to get out and get it muddy. Splash it through a local creek. You want to try out its 4x4 capabilities. Test out the traction and rock-climbing abilities of the Jeep Wrangler.
  5. Take your Significant Other on a Picnic: What better way to enjoy the outdoors than by packing up a lunch and taking your loved one out for a romantic lunch. Take the top off your Wrangler and head out to a nice quiet park and take advantage of the solitude and warm weather. No thrills, just a nice quiet day out. Some times you have to slow down.

There possibilities are endless with the Jeep Wrangler from Dean Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. The only limit is your imagination. Explore the different ways you can enjoy your Summer by checking out the Jeep Wrangler in Bainbridge.

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